Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

With safety and security top-of-mind for everyone – we want to help you update and maintain your house of worship in a way that will help prevent the spread of disease and communicate your “new normal” to staff and parishioners.

Whether it’s promoting social distancing with floor graphics or sharing new practices for offerings or communion, signs are a critical part of helping everyone understand and remember what they need to do to maintain a safe environment.

We can help, and here are some sample topics to consider:

  • Facemask Required
  • Wash Hands Sign
  • Social Distancing Signs
  • Admittance Policies
  • Health and Safety Signs
  • No Handshake Symbol

Every business will experience unique challenges as they reopen, stay open and adapt. We can help you meet the required guidelines and provide peace-of-mind to everyone that comes into your building.